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Try Before You Buy: Barrie Condos For Rent

Looking for condos in Barrie, but not ready to buy? No problem

There are many options of condos for rent in Barrie. They’re perfect for people that want the condo convenience, but can’t make the financial or lifestyle commitment just yet.

Let’s start with your lease or rental agreement. You will most likely be asked to sign a 1-year lease. However, if you’re willing to sign a longer one, the renter will probably negotiate a few dollars off each month’s payment. Condo owners like the security and guaranteed income of a long term lease. So if you’re open to one, it will pay off.

Your rent will include condo fees, but it rarely includes bills like cable, internet or home phone, so remember to factor them into your budget while shopping around. In most cases, it will include your parking space though.

Select a Barrie condo real estate agent that can work side-by-side with you to make sure you find the right condo unit and building. Sit down with them, and discuss your wants and your absolutely-must-haves. It’s their job to take your needs and factor them into the rental market to come up with the right fit.  You know what you want, they know how to get it—and more importantly, they know what you should pay for it.

Your condo real estate agent is your best friend on move-in day. They can handle details like making sure all documents are in order, setting up key-drop off, booking elevators, and making arrangements for deposit cheques (if necessary).

After that, start enjoying condo-living. Enjoy having all the perks of a fulltime condominium. You get access to all their amenities, like pools, gyms, or conference rooms. But with that comes the same responsibility of a fulltime condo owner. You have to abide by all the building’s rules and regulations. You will, however, notice a greater sense of community than in most rental situations. Few apartment buildings or complexes have the same level of social interaction as a condo.

So if you would rather rent / lease your first condo than own one, contact The Barrie Condo Team to go over your options.

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