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Top 10 Barrie Condo Lifestyle Features

Barrie condo ownership allows you to enjoy all the features of a fine home, with the added benefits of amenities, enhanced security, increased affordability and ease of maintenance. Amenities include high-tech security, recreation and fitness facilities, plus the convenience of not having to shovel snow or cut grass.


My personal top 10 Barrie Condo features – in no particular order – include:

It is a wonderful experience to park in a secure temperature controlled parking garage – with close access to the elevator. The garage is professionally cleaned and most condos provide an area to wash your car.

Having a storage unit in the lower level of a Condominium helps reduce clutter and the amount of things you need to have in your condo. Seasonal items can be easily boxed and stored for next year. Outdoor equipment can also be safely stored.

Fitness Centre
One of the many overlooked features of condo living is the fitness centre. Most condos have up-to-date weight training and aerobic equipment. You can easily work out around your work-schedule at your convenience.

Peace of mind is important for everyone. Security guards not only watch who comes and goes but also manage security cameras at the garage door and underground parking.

Most, if not all condos in the Barrie area are conveniently located to serve direct access to highway 400, local City bus and Go Transit trains and buses. This can allow for a more car free lifestyle.

Shopping & Dinning
Barrie’s downtown condos have the most direct access to all the downtown restaurants. With all condos having close access to supermarkets and local pubs and neighbourhood cafes.

Entertainment & Culture
With so many cultural and festival events in the Barrie area – and in all seasons – it makes it easy to enjoy all forms of entertainment. Waterfront festivals, theatre, film and art exhibitions happen all year around.


Recreation & Entertainment Centres, elaborate lobbies and beautiful landscaping create an advantageous lifestyle. This enables you to host parties, business meetings and even movie nights with friends!

Living Environment
Condo buildings are constructed to maximize comfort with modern air ventilation systems, noise-elimination construction and noise-reduction windows. It starts with delivering fresh air to all common areas and allows for in-suite seasonal personal temperature preferences.

Condos are a great place to meet friends and socialize with like-minded individuals. Many people find friends to go for walk, run or to exercise with.

When considering condo ownership in Barrie it is important to understand all the benefits that can enhance your lifestyle. All condo buildings in Barrie provide the common features but they are all different. Explore, learn and understand the lifestyle features that would suit you before you start your real estate search.

Stephanie Adams is a Sales Representative at Hassey Realty specializing in Barrie Condos and townhomes.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 705.716.0299
Web: www.barriecondoteam.com

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