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Staging Barrie Condominiums: It’s not what you think it is!

Many people have the misconception that staging is simply adding decorative elements to make the home “pretty”.  Some even call it “house fluffing”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Barrie Condominium staging is the process used to prepare property for sale, regardless of price, or location. Stephanie Adams from the Barrie Condo Team states “staging uses buyers eyes to identify the problem areas as well as the best features of the home.”

Decorating is about appealing to ones individual taste & style. Decorating is for living. Staging is about appealing to the broadest range of potential buyers. Staging is for selling. Think of staging as a tool used to sell your property quickly and secure the equity you have worked so hard for.

A good stager will have an excellent understanding of the common psychological desires in human beings. We are all naturally drawn to light & bright as opposed to dark & dingy, airy, open & uncluttered as opposed to stuffy, cramped, & cluttered spaces. A good stager will also understand the market and stage every home based on the unique selling features. For example, staging a large detached house is very different than staging a small condo.

When staging a house, we think of square footage, when staging a condo, we must think of every square inch and make each one count!

• Paint wall neutral, white/ivory/tan
• Create the illusion of lots of space by using the
appropriate scale of furniture.
• Limit furniture to only necessary items. (Less is
• Strategically placed furniture, sometimes using
angles can visually open up a space. (As in bottom
• Be mindful of the flow, you want buyers to move
freely throughout the spaces.
• Keep countertops clear; create the illusion of more
counter space.
• Above all else…clean the house before an open house!
Simone Frank CSP is a staging professional with New Leaf Décor – Property Staging. For more information visit: www.newleafdecor.com

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July 23, 2010

As well as staging your home, it is also recommended to update your electrical and plumbing fixtures, including perhaps a new tiled backsplash or tub surround. An updated appearance shows the prospective buyer you cared about the home you lived in and maintained it properly. A well thought out home is a welcoming home.

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