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Safe & Sound: Barrie Condo & Townhouse Security

Whether you have owned a Barrie condo or townhouse for a while or are a relatively new owner, here is a short list of items for you to consider when evaluating the security of your unit and building.

Condo Entry Access: If your condo building or unit has an alarm or access card reader, be sure to follow your building’s or security provider’s rules about sharing the entry code or card, and ensure no one follows you into the building that you don’t know. With townhomes, if you have a security system, change the code regularly, especially if you’ve had to share your code with someone. With Barrie townhome owners, it is important to note that most insurance companies offer a 5% discount on your homeowners’ insurance plan if you have a monitored alarm system.


Lighting Make sure all common areas in your building are well-lit, especially parking lots, hallways, and other areas that are frequently used after-dark. If you find that new lighting is needed or bulbs replaced, let your building/property manager know as quickly as possible.

Barrie Townhouses: Landscaping and shrubs Notify your building management of any safety concerns you may have about the landscaping, trees, or shrubs. Any overgrown foliage should be trimmed back and the property should be landscaped to allow for good visibility in the common areas. If you have a ground-floor unit, ensure any additional entryways such as patio or garden doors are unobscured.

Frank van Amelsvoort, from G.I.T. Security Systems Inc. in Barrie recommends these tips before you go away on vacation:

Before going away, test your system thoroughly and replace batteries if you’re going for longer than 30 days. Systems generally only operate for 12 to 24 hours without utility power so make sure your utilities and communications service providers will continue to provide service to your residence in your absence.

Regular periodic testing is recommended by experts and manufacturers alike to ensure proper system operation even if you’re using the system regularly.

Make certain that you leave your monitoring centre with a forwarding number in the event a serious problem occurs which you need notification of in an emergency.

Consider periodic upgrading of your security system. Advice is always free from reputable Security Companies and some new technologies may even save you money. Also, some older residences do not yet have Carbon Monoxide detectors, which can be easily added to a security system.

For more helpful tips on Barrie condo and townhouse information, visit our facebook page by searching for Barrie Condo Team.

Stephanie Adams is a Sales Representative at Royal LePage First Contact Realty focusing on Barrie Condo and townhouse sales.
Email: [email protected]
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