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Condos In Barrie: Condo Management = Great Condo Life

In Barrie, the condo manager acts as the corporation’s liaison so you, the unit owner, have a direct line to the building’s decision-makers. Barrie condo managers have a big job: they handle everything from owner issues, to ensuring payment is made to the professionals called in for maintenance and repair tasks.

Barrie Condo Team Office

Barrie Condo Team Office

It can be a tough job, since they have many responsibilities to make sure there’s smooth communication between you and the building’s corporation. Building managers are the link for any general correspondence between unit owners and the corporation, and it benefits your building community greatly if they’re outgoing and well liked overall. As the collective group’s representative, they’re your front-line person whenever there’s an emergency or issue that needs resolving.

Condo management also supervises the property’s employees, including maintenance and repair, and any contract labour that may handle landscaping and snow removal.

Building management handles any bookkeeping activities, including payroll and maintaining records of all correspondence between the unit owners and repair personnel. They’re responsible for creating and monitoring the annual budget and any reporting that’s required by the corporation. Management is responsible for arranging tenders on large projects and a competent manager can help keep costs down significantly.  Even a small property can be a lot of work to keep tabs on.

When owners of condos in Barrie, question a certain rule or restriction within the building community, the condo manager is the first contact to initiate an amendment, retraction or further explanation. It’s important that unit owner’s work with their building management to ensure their interests and collective position are well represented to the board of directors.

Colin Hassey, from Hassey Property Management in Barrie states that Condo managers are also responsible for working with the building consultant to develop and implement a reserve fund plan.  It is critical the reserve fund study accurately anticipates future major expenditures and that the plan is implemented in accordance with the study.  Having a well-funded reserve fund is something buyers are increasingly focusing on and it can have a big impact on value – something important to every Barrie condo owner.  Buyers want reassurance that there will be enough money to cover future expenses and your property manager is key to ensuring that an adequate funding plan is developed and implemented.

Stephanie Adams is a Sales Representative at Hassey Realty focusing on Barrie Condo and townhouse sales.
Email: [email protected]
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Web: www.barriecondoteam.com

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