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Buying a condo in Barrie? A Comparative Market Analysis Report Can Help

Nautica Condos in Barrie - View

Nautica Condos in Barrie - View

When you’re searching for that perfect condo in Barrie, it’s smart to work directly with a Realtor® that focuses on condos. It’s their job to make sure you’re getting the right condo for your lifestyle, and getting it at the right price.

If you’re in the market, you’ve probably already looked around at a few Barrie condo MLS listings, either online or or in the newspaper. However, working with a Realtor® can help you take a closer look.

Once you’re starting to lean towards a particular condo unit, it’s time to examine the price, pricing history, and benefits of that type of unit.

Your Realtor® can break down the condo unit’s price and give you details that nobody else can. They can produce a comparative market analysis report and examine the price history to see if there’s been any price increases or decreases for this unit, or if there are comparable units on the market in the same price range or for any comparative units that have sold recently.

They also look at other factors such as where the unit is located and whether or not the condo’s view of Barrie’s waterfront is affecting the price. If you feel the view of the lake or city is worth a bit more money, great! But if you don’t really see the value, your Realtor® will help you decide if your money can be better spent on other upgrades.

You also need to take a close look at parking. Some units only have one parking spot, instead of two. It’s not something you may think of, but it can be a big deal for couples and families.

Finally, your Realtor® can help you determine whether or not condo fees will play a role in your decision. They will look at questions like, “has the building been well maintained?” Or “does the building have a history of stable condo fee increases, based on inflation or tax changes?”

Browsing units on your own helps target condos in your price range, but only working with a Realtor®  focusing on condos in Barrie lets you see exactly what you’re getting for that price.

Stephanie Adams is a Realtor® at Hassey Realty focusing on Barrie Condos and townhome sales.

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