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Barrie Condos: Staging your condo before listing in the Barrie MLS

Staging condos has become an important part of the condo marketing and selling process, and there are professionals that specialize in this area. There are a few things you can do yourself with your Realtor® to stage your Barrie Condo before listing it in the Barrie MLS that will add a professional touch.

Size matters – Especially when talking about furniture and wall accessories. If your furniture or accessories are too large, they’ll detract from that open concept condo look, making the room seem smaller. When choosing furniture, select smaller-scale condo furnishings that are now offered by many manufacturers.

Make good use of space – Most condos and townhomes have a smaller living space square footage, presenting you with the challenge of arranging your furniture and lighting that will present that space in the best possible way.  If something doesn’t fit, you can always move it into your storage locker.

Art & Colour – Some design schools of thought recommend you stay with neutral wall colours throughout a condo, and others suggest painting one or two walls a different colour to help highlight and add definition to an area within your condo, like the dining or living area.  Staying with one colour has the advantage of allowing you to use artwork to highlight your walls and space.

Georgian Estates Condos Barrie - Staging

Georgian Estates Condos Barrie - Staging

Define the space – Do you have a home office in your living room? This can detract from the overall presentation of your condo, and confuse buyers somewhat as they try to imagine themselves living in your space. A living room home office can be pulled off when kept uncluttered and well presented. Small living spaces should perform double-duty while preserving the overall feeling and appearance of your condo.

Photos – Once you have things organized the way you want them presented, then take pictures for your condo listing in the Barrie MLS. Great photos help to draw people in for showings, open houses and are proven to boost sales.

These are just a few staging considerations when getting your Barrie condo ready to sell and work with your Realtor® for listing in the Barrie MLS. If you don’t have the time, talent or inclination to stage your condo yourself, your Barrie condo real estate Sales Representative will be able to recommend a professional stager to work with you.

Barrie Condo Team

Stephanie Adams is a Sales Representative at Royal LePage in Barrie focusing on Barrie Condos, Barrie Waterfront Condos and Barrie townhomes sales.

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